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CSOSA Guide for FOIA Requestors

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Any individual may submit a FOIA request to CSOSA by mail, fax, or in person, at the following address:

Court Services & Offender Supervision Agency
Office of the General Counsel
633 Indiana Avenue, NW, Room 1220
Washington, DC 20004-2902
ATTN: Privacy Act Request
(202)220-5355 Voice
(202)220-5350 Fax

The request must be in writing. No telephone requests will be accepted. If you do not know the exact title of the document you are seeking, you should provide a reasonable description of the documents. The more information that you can provide about the document, such as its author or date, the more expeditiously your request will be processed.

Your request will be logged and a tracking number assigned to it. The tracking number assigned is of great importance to you as a requester because, in the event you would like to check the status of your request, the number enables us to locate where in the process your request is.

Key Bridge, Washington, D.C.

Employment Information

As a Federal agency with a distinctly local mission, CSOSA employees perform challenging work that directly affects public safety in the District of Columbia's neighborhoods.