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Does your plan provide/consider overarching strategies and approaches for achieving long-term sustainability goals?

Does your plan identify milestones and resources needed for implementation?

Does your plan align with your agency's 2011 budget submission?

Is your plan consistent with your agency's FY 2011 budget and appropriately aligned to reflect your agency's planned FY 2012 budget submission?

Does your plan integrate existing EO and statutory requirements into a single framework and align with other existing mission and management related goals to make the best use of available resources?

Does your plan provide methods for obtaining data needed to measure progress, evaluate results, and improve performance?

*The agency's plan for meeting the requirements of E.O. 13514 or E.O. 13523 were not defined in our 2011 submission as our sustainability plan was not developed. However, from July through December 2010, CSOSA and PSA commit to begin the following short term goals to align the agency with sustainability and energy standards as forecasted in the 2020 projections.

  • Elimination of bottled water at agency sites;
  • Evening facility review to ensure that interior and exterior lighting are turned off;
  • Elimination of leaks from fixtures and equipment;
  • Feasibility Study for the installation energy management/metering in our 24-hour Re-Entry and Sanction Center; and
  • Incorporation of green leasing into on-going new actions.

CSOSA Steps Toward Green

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As a Federal agency with a distinctly local mission, CSOSA employees perform challenging work that directly affects public safety in the District of Columbia's neighborhoods.