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CSOSA Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan
CSOSA's Strategic Plan details CSOSA's goals, our strategies to achieve them, and the performance measures we will use to evaluate our progress. This report is updated every five years With the help of staff at all levels of the Agency, community stakeholders and local and federal criminal justice partners.
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Human Capital Strategic Plan
Human Capital Strategic Plan
CSOSA's Human Capital Strategic Plan constitutes the framework and is evidence of how the Agency's human capital management strategies are aligned with CSOSA's mission to increase public safety, prevent crime, reduce recidivism, and support the fair administration of justice in close collaboration with the community.
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Federal  Employee Viewpoint Survey
Annual Employee Survey Report

This report communicates the results of CSOSA's Annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.
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Performance Budget
CSOSA's Performance Budget is submitted to Congress with the President's Budget each year. These documents describe the Agency's programs in the performance plan, the budget estimates for these program activities, and the distribution of the budget by major program.
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Agency Financial Reports
CSOSA's Agency Financial Report describes to the President, Congress, and the public the Agency's programs in the performance plan and financial performance over the course of a fiscal year. The report also describes progress in addressing management issues.
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HSPD-12 Implementation Report
CSOSA's quarterly report on the number of PIV credentials issued per Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12
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As a Federal agency with a distinctly local mission, CSOSA employees perform challenging work that directly affects public safety in the District of Columbia's neighborhoods.