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Personal Property Management Policy

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The following policy statement and appendices can be accessed by selecting directly from the list below or by conducting a search via the CSOSA Search Engine, linked from the top of this page.

Personal Property Management Policy

Acrobat PDF file formatPS 5406, Personal Property Management (06/09/2011)

Appendix D - Acrobat PDF file formatPersonal Property Management Handbook

Appendix D - Attachments A - Charts:

Acrobat PDF file formatA.1 - Property Org Chart
Acrobat PDF file formatA.2 - Equipment Procurement Chart

Appendix D - Attachment B - Forms:

Acrobat PDF file formatB.1 - Designation of Property Custodian
Acrobat PDF file formatB.2 - Report of Survey
Acrobat PDF file formatB.3 - Property Relocation Plan
Acrobat PDF file formatB.4 - CSOSA Equipment Property Pass
Acrobat PDF file formatB.5 - RSA Security Token Property Receipt
Acrobat PDF file formatB.6 - SF 120, Report of Excess Personal Property
Acrobat PDF file formatB.7 - SF 122, Transfer Order, Excess Personal Property
Acrobat PDF file formatB.8 - SF 126, Report of Personal Property For Sale
Acrobat PDF file formatB.9 - Office Moving Instructions
Acrobat PDF file formatB.10 - Employee Clearance Form

Appendix D - Attachment C -

Acrobat PDF file formatFederal Supply Group and Classes


*Note: Downloading the policy statement documents requires Adobe Acrobat PDF file format Adobe Acrobat.

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