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CSOSA Policy Statements: Office of Human Resources

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Office of Human Resources

Acrobat PDFPS 29.1910, Exposure Control Policy for Tuberculosis and Bloodborne Pathogens (10/16/2008)

Acrobat PDFPS 213.1, Child Care Subsidy Program (03/21/2012)

Acrobat PDFPS 214.1, Senior Executive Service Position Management and Recruitment (05/11/2011)

Acrobat PDFPS 335.1, Merit Promotion Plan (07/31/2007)

Acrobat PDFPS 340.1, Part-Time Career Employment (11/23/2007)

Acrobat PDFPS 410.1, Tuition Reimbursement Program (02/08/2005)

Acrobat PDFPS 410.2, Training Center Utilization (02/17/2005)

Acrobat PDFPS 410.3, Attendance in Training Programs(10/05/2005)

Acrobat PDFPS 410.4, Testing and Retesting of Employees in Training Programs (05/11/2005)

Acrobat PDFPS 410.5, Career Development Program (09/27/2005)

Acrobat PDFPS 410.6, Executive Development (10/18/2004)

Acrobat PDFHRD 410.7, External Training and Conferences for Office of the Director (05/09/2002)

Acrobat PDFHRD 410.8., Mentoring Program (03/01/2017)

Acrobat PDFPS 430.2, Performance Management Program (07/17/2013)

Acrobat PDFPS 430.3, Senior Executive Service Performance Management (01/06/2015)

Acrobat PDFPS 451.2, Award for Foreign Language Capabilities (03/31/2005)

Acrobat PDFPS 451.3, Incentive Awards and Recognition Program (08/02/2004)

Acrobat PDFHRD 550.1, Overtime/Fair Labor Standards Act (08/21/2001)

Acrobat PDFPS 550.2, Compensatory Time Off for Travel (08/12/2011)

Acrobat PDFHRD 610.2, Hazardous Weather Policy (01/11/2002)

Acrobat PDFPS 610.4, Alternate Work Schedule Program (11/23/2011)

Acrobat PDFHRD 610.6, Telework Program (06/06/2011)

Acrobat PDFHRD 630.2, Leave Administration (07/24/2001)

Acrobat PDFHRD 752.1, Disciplinary and Adverse Action Policy (02/26/2001)

Acrobat PDFHRD 771.1, Conflict Resolution Procedure Policy (02/26/2001)

Text formatHRD 810.1, Workers' Compensation Program (07/21/2000)

Text formatHRD 850.1, Unemployment Compensation (07/10/2000)



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