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CSOSA Policy Statements: Office of Procurement

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The following policy statements can be accessed by selecting directly from the list below or by conducting a search via the CSOSA Search Engine, linked from the top of this page.

Office of Procurement

Adobe Acrobat PDF format PS 5602, Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition (JOFOC) (05/06/2008)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format PS 5604, Contracting Officer's Technical Representation (07/19/2007)

Acrobat PDF file format PS 5605, Agency Cell Phones (05/11/2011)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format PS 5606, Ratification of Unauthorized Commitments (08/07/2007)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format PS 5608, Delegation of Contracting Authority (02/02/2015)



*Note: Downloading the policy statement documents requires Adobe Acrobat PDF file format Adobe Acrobat.

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