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CSOSA Policy Statements: Office of Security

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The following policy statements can be accessed by selecting directly from the list below or by conducting a search via the CSOSA Search Engine, linked from the top of this page.

Office of Security

Acrobat PDF PS 500.2, Safeguarding Sensitive, Unclassified Information (05/05/2000)

Acrobat PDFPS 500.4, Agency Credentials with Badges or Medallions (02/12/2001)

PS 1103, Drug-Free Workplace Program and supporting documents (05/11/2005)

Acrobat PDFPS 5800, Personnel Security (05/14/2004)

Acrobat PDFPS 5801, Contraband and Evidence Control (12/18/2002)

Acrobat PDFPS 5802, Hostage Response Procedures (09/26/2005)

Acrobat PDFPS 5803, Continuity of Operations (06/15/2011)



*Note: Downloading the policy statement documents requires Acrobat PDF Adobe Acrobat.

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As a Federal agency with a local mission, CSOSA provides challenging work that affects the public safety of the neighborhoods in the District of Columbia.
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