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Records Management: Acronyms & Abbreviations

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AASHL - American Association for State and Local History

ACA - Academy of Certified Archivists

ADP - automatic data processing or automated data processing

AFC - Agency file code

AFFIRM - Association for Federal Information Resources Management

AIIM - Association for Information and Image Management (now known as AIIM - The Enterprise Content Management Association)

AIS - automated information system

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

API - application program interface

AR - administrative record

ARCIS - Archives and Records Centers Information System

ARMA - Association of Records Managers and Administrators (now known as ARMA International)

ARO - Agency records officer

ASCII - American standard code for information interchange

AV or A/V - audiovisual

BRIDG - Bi-monthly Records Discussion Group

CA - certified archivist

CAD - computer-aided design

CAE - computer-aided engineering

CAI - confidential agency information

CAL - computer-assisted locater

CAM - computer-aided manufacturing

CAR - computer-assisted retrieval

CBI - confidential business information

CD - compact disk

CD-I - compact disk-interactive

CD-ROM - compact disc read-only memory

CDR - compact disc recordable

CD-RW - compact disc re-writable

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CHRON - chronological file

CIM - computer input microfilm

CIO - chief information officer

COLD - computer-output laser disk

COM - computer-output microfilm

COOP - continuity of operations plan

CPIC - capital planning and investment control

CPU - central processing unit

CRM - certified records manager

CRM/NS - certified records manager/nuclear information and records specialist

CSS - cascading stylesheet

DA - Documentum administrator

DAT - digital audiotape

DBMS - database management system

DM - document management

DMS - document management system

DP - data processing

DPI - dots per inch

DRMWG - Document and Records Management Work Group

DTD - document type definition

DVD - digital versatile disc or digital video disc

DVR - digital video recorder

EA - enterprise architecture

EBCDIC - extended binary code decimal interchange code

ECM - enterprise content management

ECMS - enterprise content management system

ECMSRMR - enterprise content management system records management repository

EDI - electronic data interchange

EDMS - electronic document management system

EDP - electronic data processing

EIS - electronic information system

ERA - Electronic Records Archive

ERM - electronic records management

ERMS - electronic records management system

ESIGN - Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act

FAQ - frequently asked questions

FIPS - federal information processing standards (Issued by NIST.)

FIRMR - Federal Information Resources Management Regulation(s) (Issued by GSA.)

FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

FPMR - Federal Property Management Regulation(s) (GSA regulations - The part formerly applying to records management has been superseded by the Federal Information Resources Management Regulations and NARA records management regulations.)

FRC - federal records center

FTP - file transfer protocol

GAO - Government Accountability Office

GIF - graphic interchange format

GILS - global information locator service

GIS - geographic information system

GPEA - Government Paperwork Elimination Act

GPRA - Government Performance Results Act

GPS - global positioning system

GRS - general records schedule

GSA - General Services Administration

GUI - graphical user interface

HIPPA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HTML - hypertext markup language

HTTP - hypertext transfer protocol

HTTP/S - hypertext transfer protocol/secure

I/O - input/output

IAA/IAG - interagency/intergovernmental agreement/international agreement

ICR - intelligent character recognition, or information collection rule, or information collection request

ICRM - Institute of Certified Records Managers

IM - instant message or information management

IMO - information management official

IP - Internet protocol

IRM - information resources management

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

IS - information systems

ISP - Internet service provider

IT - information technology

JPEG - compression; Joint Photographic Experts Group

KWAC - keyword and context index

KWIC - keyword in context index

KWOC - keyword out of context index

LAN - local area network

MCUF - my commonly used folders

MIME - multipurpose Internet messaging extensions

MIS - management information system

NA - National Archives

NAC - National Audiovisual Center

NAGARA - National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators

NARA - National Archives and Records Administration

NARS - National Archives and Records Service (Reorganized as NARA.)

NHPRC - National Historical Publications and Records Commission (Formerly known as National Historical Publications Commission (NHPC).)

NIRMA - Nuclear Information and Records Management Association

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

NRMP - National Records Management Program

NSI - national security information

OA - office automation

OCR - optical character recognition

OD - optical disk

ODBC - open database connectivity

OF - optional form

OMB - Office of Management and Budget

OPM - Office of Personnel Management

PA - Privacy Act

PARS - performance appraisal & recognition system

PC - personal computer

PDA - personal digital assistant

PDF - portable document format

PDF/A-1 - portable document format/archive

PEL - picture element

PKI - public key infrastructure

PPI - pixels per inch

RACO - records administration conference

RFID - radio frequency identification

RAIC - Records Administration Information Center

RAM - random access memory

RIM - records and information management

RKS - recordkeeping system

RLO - records liaison officer

RM - records management

RMA - records management application

RMO - records management officer

ROM - read-only memory

RPSA - retention policy services administrator

RTF - rich text format

SAA - Society of American Archivists

SDLC - systems development life cycle

SDMS - Superfund document management system

SF - standard form

SGML - standard generalized markup language

SHFG - Society for History in the Federal Government

SIO - senior information official

SLCM - system life cycle management

SSL - secure sockets layer

TCP/IP - transmission control protocol/Internet protocol

TIFF - tagged image file format

URL - uniform resource locator

U.S.C. - United States Code

VCR - videocassette recorder

VHS - video home system

WAN - wide area network

WiFi - wireless fidelity

WORM - write once read many (times)

WP - word processing

WWW - world wide web

XHTML - extensible hypertext markup language

XML - extensible markup language

XSTL - extensible stylesheet language transforms



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