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CSOSA and City Work Together on Street Beautification

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April 7, 2000

The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) will join with community residents and a number of other organizations in a city street beautification project in the unit block of U Street, NW April 8, 2000. The street clean-up effort is a joint project between the local ANC 5C04 Community, the Fannie Mae Foundation, Howard University, the Enterprise Foundation and the Metropolitan Police Department.

The area designated for clean-up will be the unit block of U Street including its adjacent alleys and adjoining sections of Rhode Island Avenue and V Street, NW. The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. and will conclude with a barbecue for all the volunteers.

CSOSA's participation in this effort is a continuation of its Community Justice Partnership, an extension of its main mission of supervising the parole and probation population in the District of Columbia. Probationers in the District with community service obligations will participate along with their community supervision officers to help in the citywide beautification efforts.

Mr. Jasper Ormond, Associate Director for Community Justice Programs, stated, "Efforts like this achieve two goals for both the probationers and CSOSA. The neighborhoods benefit from offenders' community service obligations and the men and women on probation are given another opportunity to prove themselves capable of re-entering the community and contributing in positive ways."

"CSOSA's initiative is an excellent one because it creates an opportunity for positive interaction between community residents and those on probation," said Vicky Leonard-Chambers, the ANC 5C04 Commissioner and clean-up coordinator.

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