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CSOSA's Community Services Program Yields Success in
Ward 8/Seventh District

Submitted by Greg Thomas, Community Relations Specialist, Office of Community Justice Programs
(CSOSA Newslink, Summer 2005)

CSOSA's Community Service Program restores the loss suffered by the community as a result of criminal behavior and can equip offenders with the skills needed to successfully re-enter the community. In its programming CSOSA places offenders with appropriate governmental and non-profit entities to complete community services hours. By building partnerships with community agencies and representatives, CSOSA is able to establish avenues by which offenders can give back to the community. To that end, there is always an ongoing need for sites where offenders can perform community services activities.

Spotlight on the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners

One example of a community group benefiting from our program is the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). ANC Commissioners are elected by members of their communities to represent their positions and recommendations on issues to various District government agencies. One of the many responsibilities that ANCs have is to hold monthly meetings to keep their constituents informed about issues ranging from public safety concerns to quality of life matters.

In Ward-8 / Seventh Police District, several ANCs collaborate with CSOSA's community service program. Every Saturday, CSOSA staff, ANC Commissioners and offenders assemble at pre-determined locations to disseminate flyers throughout the neighborhood announcing upcoming community meetings. This successful collaboration has increased the community's attendance at ANC meetings, insuring more members of the community are informed about critical issues that affect them.

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