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New Recruit Training: CSOSA/MPD Partnership

Submitted by Greg Thomas, Community Relations Specialist, Office of Community Justice Programs
(CSOSA Newslink, January 2004)

The partnership between the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and CSOSA continues with positive growth and efforts. CSOSA representatives have been incorporated into MPD's initiatives and policies in the instructional curriculum. The new police recruits entering the Maurice T. Turner Police Training Academy, located at Blue Plains, are taught about programs currently in place. This approach is designed to introduce newly hired police recruits to CSOSA and provide them with a clear and thorough understanding of the primary components that drive the partnership. Information Sharing, Accountability Tours, Offender Mass Orientation and Community Justice Advisory Network (CJAN) meetings are specific topics that expose the recruit to the partnership.

The training is an all day workshop beginning with CSOSA Community Relations Specialists (CRS) conducting presentations before individual recruit classes at the police academy. Classes range in size from 25 to 35 sworn members. Each class receives three hours of in-class lecture on each component of the partnership. Each attending recruit receives a handout package containing resource information. After a lunch break, the recruit officers are moved to the CSOSA South Capitol Field Office where they are escorted to the drug testing lab. A lab technician speaks on the procedures involved in drug testing. Subsequently, the recruits are taken on a tour of the facility. They are engaged in open dialog by awaiting Supervisory Community Supervision Officers (SCSOs) and Community Supervision Officers (CSOs). This is probably the most meaningful and worthwhile segment of the entire day. In this environment discussions are held with respect to the valuable resource each agency offers and some of the initial barriers experienced. Dialogue is open about ever present pitfalls to avoid in order for the partnership to reach it's full potential.

This method of introducing police officers, in the beginning stages of their career, to the CSOSA organization and the components partnership has proven to be an excellent tool. It provides the officers with an invaluable resource at their disposal that allows them to perform their function in a more efficient and effective manner. Additionally, it has certainly improved the lines of communications between MPD and CSOSA. This is a clear demonstration of each agency's complete and sincere commitment to public safety.

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