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Warrant Service a Priority for Director Williams

Submitted by Leonard Sipes, Senior Public Affairs Specialist, Office of Legislative, Intergovernmental and Public Affairs (CSOSA Newslink, Summer 2005)

Branch Chief Jody Tracey and SCSO Ronald Jackson instituted a series of joint warrant service activities with the MPD in northeast D.C. Jody and Ron got together with MPD staff in the Fifth District and suggested they focus on CSOSA warrants. CSOSA staff would be willing to accompany officers during service. On July 28, they set out at 5:30 a.m. for the latest warrant service event. Associate Director Tom Williams joined them.

"We need to do more of this throughout the city," said Williams. "We need to make sure that as many violators as possible are removed from the community before they harm others. We are all willing to work with struggling offenders through the quick application of sanctions. But offenders with outstanding warrants have disregarded their responsibilities and need to be brought to justice.

"Warrant service also enhances the safety of the MPD officers," states Tracey. "Whether or not the warrant actually gets served, they are now aware that that address is connected to a wanted person."

Tracy adds that the many officers are enthusiastic partners in the process of serving warrants. "It's a rewarding process," she states. "One of the key components of the partnership is the sharing of intelligence and information. This takes the process one step further. It was clear that the officers were appreciative of our presence. It adds to the partnership and cements our relationship."

This was the third effort to jointly serve warrants with officers from the Fifth District. These events complement the everyday exchange of information that takes place throughout the city with all CSOSA personnel. It's also interesting to note that approximately 300 warrants were served in our field offices by MPD and the U.S. Marshall's Office during the first six months of this year.

The warrant service conducted on July 28 targeted 21 addresses in and around the Edgewood apartment complex in PSA 501. There are constant acts of violence in and around the apartments. There was a shooting the night before. Residents wanted action.

Tracey reports that citizens witnessing the warrant service were appreciative. "We received quite a few favorable comments from residents," she said. "It was obvious that they appreciated seeing CSOSA officers and MPD conducting joint operations."

A total of four people were arrested. One gun was recovered. Two juveniles were arrested with the gun. The U.S. Marshall's office participated in the arrest of a juvenile on a warrant for failure to appear. One mental health probationer was apprehended.

MPD officers fully support warrant efforts. "They want to serve our warrants," Branch Chief Tracey states. "We feel a sense of urgency about removing some violators. Our encouragement and our willingness to be on the street with them further that sense of cooperation."

"Public safety is central to our mission," states Williams. "We have the best community supervision staff in the country. They give offenders every opportunity to improve their lives. But all of us agree that violators need to be held accountable."

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