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Adobe Acrobat PDF format Faith-Based Initiative Journal (July 2008)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Forum Tackles Challenges Women Face
(Washington Post, February 24, 2008)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format District to Help Ex-Convicts Readjust
(Washington Times, January 31, 2008)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Faith-Based Initiative Journal (January 2008)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Call to Action: How Programs in Three Cities Responded to the Prisoner Reentry Crisis (May 2007)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Programs Provide Services to Ex-Offenders  
(The Washington Informer, February 1, 2007)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Press Release: Faith-Based Support for Offenders Returning Home From Prison

VideoPreparing for a New Life (CBS News, October 28, 2006)
As America's prison population rises, some corrections experts say that new methods are needed to prepare inmates for life on the outside. [Also see transcript of CBS News report]

AudioProgram Targets Rehab Help for Federal Inmates
(NPR, September 27, 2006) [Also see transcript of NPR report]

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Offender Reentry and Sanctions Center Opens in Washington, D.C. - Media Release

Adobe Acrobat PDF format A Drug Program Only Reached Through Prison
(Washington Post, September 20, 2006)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Returning From Prison to Washington, D.C.; "We Make Transition Possible" (Published in Journal of Community Corrections, International Community Corrections Association, Fall 2006)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Fact Sheet: Reentry in Washington, DC

Back to Rivers (CSOSA Newslink, December 2006)

Video Technology Connects CSOSA to Rivers (CSOSA Newslink, Winter 2005)

CSOSA Goes to Prison (CSOSA Newslink, April 2004)

Rivers Case Managers Receive Training (CSOSA Newslink, Fall 2004)

Technology Brings Resources to Rivers' Inmates (CSOSA Newslink, Fall 2004)

CSOSA Staff Launch Mentoring Program at Rivers (CSOSA Newslink, April 2003)

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