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Reentry Reflection 2009 Ends With Accomplishments

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CSOSA and its faith partners wrapped up the 2009 Reentry Reflection observance with two successful events recognizing the accomplishments of our staff, mentors and mentees active in the Faith-Based Initiative. Overall, our activities produced some significant new partners and resources. Paramount Baptist Church established a new Housing Resource Center. The Howard University School of Divinity invited us to work with them on their Healing Communities reentry project. The management of the Fairview Residential Reentry Center opened an ongoing dialog with us about the challenges facing female reentrants. None of this could have happened without the assistance and support of many CSOSA staff members. My thanks to all of you for your contributions.

Cedric Hendricks
Associate Director
Office of Legislative, Intergovernmental and Public Affairs


Adobe Acrobat PDF format Fact Sheet: Offender Reentry in Washington, DC

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