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Risk and Needs Assessment

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Within 25 working days of assignment to supervision, offenders undergo a comprehensive evaluation using CSOSA's risk and needs assessment instrument, the AUTO Screener. The AUTO Screener is an "intelligent" risk and needs assessment tool that determines the appropriate level of supervision for offenders and generates an individualized prescriptive supervision plan (PSP) that identifies the offender's needs and includes recommendations for treatment and support services. The PSP provides valuable information to assist the Community Supervision Officer in supervising the offender. AUTO Screener measures include the offender's:

  • educational status
  • employability
  • community and social networks
  • patterns of thinking about criminality and authority
  • attitudes and associations

Offenders undergo an AUTO Screener reassessment every six months, and upon any rearrest, until they either complete supervision or reach a minimum level of supervision. The AUTO Screener program brings uniformity to risk and needs assessment for the entire supervised population.


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