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Illegal Substance Collection Units

Illegal Substance Collection Units (Branch VI) conduct drug-testing activities for all D.C. offenders under CSOSA's supervision.

Urinalysis samples are collected at four (4) supervision field sites:

  1. 1230 Taylor Street, NW
  2. 3850 South Capitol Street, SE
  3. 25 K Street, NE
  4. 300 Indiana Avenue, NW

In addition, CSOSA collects urine samples at the Reentry and Sanctions Center. Offender drug test data is collected and maintained in the agency's Drug Testing and Management System (DTMS) and is provided to community supervision officers to support case management activities. The Pretrial Services Agency Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory performs all urinalysis studies and cooperates with CSOSA to maintain the drug testing database.


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As a Federal agency with a distinctly local mission, CSOSA employees perform challenging work that directly affects public safety in the District of Columbia's neighborhoods.