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The following articles and reports published in newspapers, journals and other media are of interest to CSOSA as their content relates to the programs and services of the agency:

Nancy Ware on the Intersection of Public Safety & Second Chances  (Street Sense, February 24, 2017)

Sex Offender Supervision in the Nation's Capital
(, December 8, 2010)

In D.C., Public Defenders Aren't Where the System Falls Short (Washington Post, March 28, 2010)

More Ex-Cons on the Streets, Fewer Jobs
(Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2010)

Mentoring Juveniles Before They Become Adult Criminals
(Christian Science Monitor, March 16, 2010)

Adobe Acrobat PDF formatDomestic Violence Prevention in Washington, DC
(Sheriff Magazine, National Sheriffs' Association, January-February 2007)

Adobe Acrobat PDF formatReturning From Prison to Washington, D.C.; "We Make Transition Possible" (Journal of Community Corrections, International Community Corrections Association, Fall 2006)

Adobe Acrobat PDF formatSustainable Community Involvement: A Solution to NIMBY in Community Corrections? (Community Corrections Report, January-February 2007)

Adobe Acrobat PDF formatIn or Out Of the Game? A Battle-Scarred Hustler Waits for a Second Act (Washington Post, December 31, 2006)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Sex Offenders Told to Stay Away From Kids on Halloween (, November 1, 2006)

Adobe Acrobat PDF format Church Helps Ex-Cons to Live on the Outside
(Washington Post, October 26, 2006)

Audio Program Targets Rehab Help for Federal Inmates
(National Public Radio, September 27, 2006)


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