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Each year, approximately 2,300 men and women return from federal correctional institutions (via CSOSA supervision) to the District of Columbia. Faith-based volunteers provide support, encouragement, fellowship and resources. Many credit mentors for their successful adjustment. CSOSA supervises and assists approximately 14,000 people on parole, supervised release or probation daily.

The Faith-Based Initiative began in 2002. The program provides mentoring services and Special Emphasis programs to people on CSOSA supervision.

Mentoring has been the primary focus of this initiative. The Mentoring Initiative links men and women returning from prison with concerned members of the faith community who offer support, friendship, and assistance during the difficult period of re-entry. During the transition from prison to neighborhood, those returning can be overwhelmed by large and small problems. Participating individuals are matched with a volunteer mentor from one of the participating faith-based institutions.

The philosophy of mentoring is to build strong moral values and provide positive role models for the men and women returning to our communities through coaching and spiritual guidance. Mentors also help identify linkages to faith-based resources that assist in the growth and development of mentees.

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For more information or if interested in volunteering as a Mentor, please contact:

Elmira Gwynn
Community Justice Programs
Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
Phone: (202) 220-5305


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