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The Mass Orientation Program provides individuals newly assigned to probation, parole or supervised release with the knowledge and resources needed to successfully complete their term of supervision. The program is conducted monthly (or more frequently depending upon the number of offenders coming onto supervision during the month) at CSOSA's field sites. Community Supervision Officers and Supervisors conduct the meetings and they may be joined by other law enforcement personnel, including MPD officials and prosecutors from the United States Attorney's Office. Offender's family members are welcome to attend Mass Orientation sessions during which, in addition to the presentations, CSOSA's Mass Orientation brochure is distributed and the Mass Orientation Program Video is shown.

Mass Orientation sessions are conducted in collaboration with CSOSA's law enforcement and community partners. The Mass Orientation sessions are conducted in small groups to allow for attention to individual offender's questions and concerns. Community-based service providers, such as job training programs, may also make presentations at the sessions. Prosecutors from the United States Attorney's Office regularly use the opportunity to inform offenders about the serious consequences of possessing or using a firearm while on probation, parole or supervised release.


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