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Supervision Levels: Contact Standards

CSOSA policy mandates the frequency of contact between the offender and his or her Community Supervision Officer based on the individual offender's needs and level of risk. All offenders undergo a comprehensive risk and needs assessment when they begin supervision and at periodic intervals during their time on supervision.

Offenders are to be seen a minimum number of times per month based on their level of supervision:

Supervision Level Minimum Number of Face-to-Face Contacts Frequency of Field Contacts
Intensive 8 times per month 4 per month
Maximum 4 times per month 2 per month
Medium 2 times per month 1 per month
Minimum 1 time per month 1 per every 2 months

Not less than 50% of all required contacts must be conducted in the field.

The number of required monthly contacts can decrease to four, two and finally one contact per month, based on the offender's risk assessment and demonstrated level of compliance with supervision requirements.

By contrast, many jurisdictions throughout the country require significantly fewer face-to-face contacts for their high-risk offenders.

Supervision Contact Standards for Offenders Pending An Initial Assessment

Current CSOSA policy requires that offenders undergo a comprehensive risk and needs assessment within 25 working days of assignment. In cases where an offender is assigned to active supervision, but has not yet been assessed to determine the offender's level of supervision, supervision contact standards for these offenders, for each 30 day period until the assessment is completed, are as follows:

  • Two (2) face-to-face contacts in the office;
  • One (1) collateral contact;
  • One (1) home visit;
  • One (1) employment verification; and
  • Drug testing, per Agency policy.

Once an offender has been assessed, the offender's supervision contact standards are to be set in accordance with the standards associated with the offender's determined supervision level.


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