WHO WE ARE | Mission, Goals, and Guiding Principles

The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) endeavors to be a model community supervision agency that is recognized for positively impacting public safety.


Effectively supervise adults under our jurisdiction to enhance public safety, reduce recidivism, support the fair administration of justice, and promote accountability, inclusion and success through the implementation of evidence-based practices in close collaboration with our criminal justice partners and the community.

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1:  Reduce recidivism by targeting criminogenic risk and needs using innovative and evidence-based strategies.

Strategic Goal 2:  Integrate offenders into the community by connecting them with resources and interventions.

Strategic Goal 3:  Strengthen and promote accountability by ensuring offender compliance and cultivating a culture of continuous measurement and improvement.

Strategic Goal 4:  Support the fair administration of justice by providing timely and accurate information to criminal justice decision-makers.

Guiding Principles

Community: We believe in the value of partnerships with community organizations, local and federal criminal justice agencies, city government, the faith community, and individual citizens in promoting both successful reintegration and public safety.

Accountability: We believe in the capacity of people to change. Supervisees are held accountable through a system of close supervision which includes swift interventions, sanctions, incentives, and support services.  CSOSA strives to create an environment that is conducive to the success of those under our supervision.

Justice: We support the fair administration of justice through the provision of timely and accurate information and recommendations to criminal justice decision makers. We believe in the efficacy and fairness of our supervision interventions and the implementation of evidence-based practices.

Additional Information

For a snapshot about the agency and the people we supervise, read our Supervision Data infographic for fiscal year 2023.

For information about CSOSA’s commitment to advancing equity, read CSOSA’s Equity Statement.