Let's Celebrate PPPS Week 2022

The third week of July marks Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision (PPPS) Week! This decades-old celebration is a time for the District of Columbia and the nation to honor the community corrections professionals who help keep our community a safe place to live, work, and visit.

The theme for PPPS Week is Restoring Trust, Creating Hope. CSOSA Director Richard S. Tischner said, “the work our supervision staff does is transformative—helping people under supervision make positive choices and change the trajectory of their lives. We must often rise to meet the challenges of dealing with difficult situations and circumstances to strive for change that is not guaranteed, may only come bit by bit, and might come without accolades. Still, we press on—holding ourselves and others accountable and working together to advance our critical public safety mission.”

In speaking on this year’s PPPS Week theme, American Probation and Parole Association Executive Director Veronica Cunningham said, “Because of the challenges caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, now more than ever, trust and hope must be top of mind.” Cunningham added, “During the pandemic … you shifted your work models in the right ways to support, assist, and guide individuals under supervision. Your talent, compassion, and determination have been nothing less than praiseworthy.”

In the July 12 Congressional Record, the Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District of Columbia’s Delegate to the House of Representatives, lauded community supervision professionals who, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, “have found innovative ways to remain connected with the people they supervise and to continue guiding them in the interest of public safety.”

This week especially, we extend our immense gratitude to the hardworking community supervision professionals in CSOSA’s Office of Community Supervision & Intervention Services and CSOSA’s Office of Behavioral Interventions for the vital role they play in changing the lives of people under supervision and advancing public safety in the District. We also celebrate the noble work of the pretrial supervision officers of our sister agency, the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia. Our gratitude also extends to all staff at supervision agencies, especially the dedicated public servants at CSOSA and PSA, for making it possible for our community supervision professionals to provide effective and efficient service to the people under our jurisdiction and the community as a whole.